From cans to pouches

From cans to pouches

Text by Patrick Dupuis, Agronomist, translated by Kathleen Rivest

Packaging has no secrets for the Société Sacs Industriels. They offer practical, sustainable and economical solutions: boxes, containers, baskets, bags or pouches, with agricultural companies in mind.

Sylvain Morneau, sales representative for the company active in the packaging industry for over 70 years, prides himself in following the latest tendencies. From these, the maple syrup pouches were created, offering maple sugar producers a new packaging solution. “This pouch replaces the traditional can,” states Sylvain Morneau. “It’s a product with today’s mindset; with resealable caps, and fabrication that requires less energy and resources than cans!”

Costs are lower to purchase the equipment to fill pouches and some maple sugar producers are changing their habits while others use it as a compliment to their routine. Producers appreciate how easy it is to use and handle, states the Sacs Industriels representative.  

In addition to being easy to use, the pouch is a space saver, especially when storing before filling. To store 1000 empty 540 mL cans, we can expect to need multiple boxes, however, the same quantity in empty pouches, filling the same volume of maple syrup, takes only a single box, notes Sylvain Morneau.

Maple syrup pouches are currently offered in 500 and 250 mL formats, which appeals to many customers. The only downfall is that for the time being, the pouches aren’t 100% recyclable. The materials used to create the pouches must resist to the high temperatures of the syrup during filling.

“The pouches are creating a buzz in the food industry”, remarks Sylvain Morneau. “Take for example the yogurt pouches. Gradually we’re finding them more on grocery shelves.” Compared to cans, storage and handling of the pouches are more advantageous: No more can openers, dripping edges or having to transfer in other containers to store in your fridge.

These new products are sold at Groupe BMR stores (BMR, Unimat and Agrizone). Visit your local store today for more details.  

Source : « De la boîte de conserve à la pochette » Coopérateur. November-December 2018 : page 48.