We are committed to respecting and protecting the privacy of Users on the website, on the phone and on any other means of communication. The purpose of this privacy policy (the “Policy”) is to inform the User about how we collect, hold, use, disclose, share, and protect their personal information they provide over the phone, by email or through our website, The term “personal information” includes, but is not limited to, any information regarding an individual that could help identify this individual, including their names, their street address, their email address, their contact information, their geolocation data, their age and their IP address.

We act strictly in accordance with the applicable privacy legislation, namely the Civil Code of Québec and the Act Respecting the Protection of Personal Information in the Private Sector (RSQ, c. P-39.1). If not yet done, the User is asked to read this Policy carefully before using our website or providing personal information, in any way. If the User disagrees with the terms and conditions of this Policy, the User is asked to stop using our website and to provide no personal information. We also recommend the User read this Policy from time to time, as it may be amended or updated, at our sole discretion.

The use of “we” hereunder and within this Policy collectively refers to as BMR Group Inc. and any of BMR Group Inc. affiliates.


We collect the following information:

  • All personal information provided by the User on a voluntary basis;
  • All information regularly shared with other websites through the User’s browser (such as IP address, language preferences, username, or other data about User’s preferences and use of the website);
  • All personal information required to sell to the User any products, services or goods available through the website (e.g. financial data and bank account details);
  • Personal information required to open and manage the client account and to send newsletters (e.g. name, address, phone numbers).

The website uses the following tracking technologies:

  • Cookies, Web beacons, and similar technologies, which track movements through the website to keep track of the Users and visitors who access the website and record their preferences;
  • We might use third-party providers, such as Google Analytics, to conduct a service analysis of our website.

More details about our practices:

This Policy completes the Terms and Conditions for using the website and applies only to and to the information gathered through this website. The Policy does not apply to any other information or website that is not owned or hosted by BMR Group Inc.

Why We Collect Personal Information

We only gather personal information that is required to maintain our relationship with the User. We limit the type of information that we collect and use only to personal data required to manage our relationship with the User, answer their questions, provide them with products and services, ensure quality of our Customer Service, and otherwise run the website and provide services on the website. We might collect personal information:

  • when the User requests information regarding our products and services available through our website;
  • when identification data are required to respond to the User’s request.

If the functionality becomes available on our website:

  • when the User makes a purchase or submit a request for reimbursement or an exchange of product;
  • when the credit card or the debit card is used to buy something, we collect the User’s card details, including the CVV number for online purchases, as well as the signature of the User or the person authorized by the User, if needed;
  • when items are returned or exchanged, when reimbursement is claimed, or when the User’s name, phone number, street address or email address is requested;
  • when the User subscribes to the newsletter to receive promotions.

When Using the Website

In order to provide appropriate, high-quality services and to improve the customer experience, when the User logs in to their account, identification data might be collected, including their name, password, street address, phone number, and email address.

When the User calls or sends an email to the Customer Service regarding the website use or any other matter, to ensure quality service, identification data, such as the name or another phone number, might be asked to contact the User.

How We Collect Personal Information

We collect personal information from the User in person, on our website, on the phone, by email or by any other means, to generally ensure effective operation of the website and its functionalities.

When the User visits our website, we might collect information that the User’s Web browser regularly shares with other websites. This may include the User’s Web browser’s type, language preferences, and IP address, as well as the User’s visit date and time. This information is collected on an anonymous basis, and we do not try to combine it with the User’s personal information.

When the User visits our website, we may give them the opportunity to subscribe to receive our newsletter or promotional materials, or ask them the permission to share the User information with our different divisions or partners. We might also ask their personal information for customizable tools or features, surveys, or contests that may take place from time to time. The User is always free to participate or not in the contests or surveys, and to provide or not the requested personal information to benefit from these features. If the User opts in to receive our newsletter or any other promotional material, they may opt out at any time by checking the unsubscribe link included in each newsletter email we send or by contacting us.

Social Networks

If the User contacts or interacts with us via social networks (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or YouTube[LC1] ), they acknowledge that when they submit personal information to us publicly by sharing content, posts, or comments in which they target or the content that we post on the social networks, such information may be read, gathered or otherwise used by anyone who accesses the forum or the website URL where the content, the post or the comment is displayed. We cannot be held accountable for the use of this information by a third party, and we refer the User to the specific applicable confidentiality rules on each of these social networks.

Use of Cookies

As is standard practice on Internet, we sometimes use cookies and similar technologies to track our visitors. A cookie is a small piece of text data comprised of alphanumeric characters that are contained on the User’s computer and that identifies the browser on an individual basis. We may also use the cookies in combination with web beacons to help us track how visitors use our website.

If the User refuses the cookies, the “Help” section, that can be found on the browser toolbar, will help them understand how to stop their browser from accepting cookies, how to get notification from their browser when they receive new cookies, or how to fully deactivate cookies. However, if the User deactivates the cookies, the User might not be able to benefit from all the website functionalities.

What We Are Doing With the Personal Information That We Collect

We might use the User’s personal information as follows:

  • To identify customers, potential customers, and suppliers in order to establish and maintain relationships with them;
  • To answer the User’s inquiries about our products and services;
  • For marketing, market analysis and survey purposes, to the extent provided by law and to improve the services we provide;
  • To provide the available services requested by customers, potential customers, and suppliers (i.e. to process orders, to ensure appropriate deliveries, and to better help customers in store or over the phone);
  • To control the quality of the Customer Service and to prevent errors and frauds.

In order to run our website and to host and retain collected personal information, we could have to share information with our divisions or business partners. In cooperation with the third parties that provide services to our organization, we will use the collected personal information for the above-mentioned purposes only, and we will keep equivalent safety measures in place. We could use, for instance, subcontractors to help process or deliver the User’s order, provide the User with services, gather, analyze and assess information, or provide assistance with the website or for its use. Often, the information that we share will include aggregated data that are confidential by nature. If we share personal information, our business partners will be in no way able to use this information in independent commercial activities and to share the data with other third parties or to make them publicly available.

The website might eventually include tools that will be useful to the User. To use these tools, the User will have to provide personal information. The website will use the collected information to provide the User with the available services; e.g. to help them place orders or to have their orders delivered to them. Unless otherwise specified within this Policy, we will not use personal information collected through these tools for any other reason without the prior explicit permission of the User.

We could decide to disclose personal information without prior notice further to requests made by the authorities or upon request of a government body; in response of a subpoena, a Court order or inquiries from an administrative body; in compliance with our contract or our property rights; to protect us or others; or when required or otherwise permitted by law. For instance, we could share information to reduce fraud or if someone uses or attempts to use our website for illegal purposes. The personal information that we gather can also be shared with regard to a sale or a merger of companies or its divisions or its business lines to which this information is related.

Username and Password

The User must create their username (or email address) and password, which they will use to sign in to their accounts. The User must use them for lawful purposes only. The User is entirely accountable for them and for all consequences related to their use, by themselves or whomever, including consequences of all illegal operations committed through their username and password. The User must take all necessary precautions to ensure their confidentiality for safety purposes. More specifically, the User must neither disclose their username and password to anyone nor authorize anyone to use them, except authorized Agrizone representatives. It is strongly recommended that the User select a password that only the User knows, with elements that cannot be easily related to themselves. It is also suggested to regularly change the password and to log out after each session.
If the User becomes aware of any unauthorized use of their username or password, or if the User thinks anyone has had access to their username or password, or if they think their username or password were lost or stolen, the User must inform Agrizone immediately.

All usernames and passwords are ultimately administered by Agrizone, through the website support team, which reserves the right, at any time and at its discretion, to suspend or cancel the username and password without prior notice. 

User Consent

By providing us their personal information, the User agrees that we gather, use and share this information for the purposes described in this Policy. By using our website, the User agrees that we gather, use and share confidential data combined with their IP address, in compliance with this Policy. If we decide to use personal information under our custody for any purposes that are not identified at the time it was gathered, we will ask for the User consent before using their personal information, unless obtaining such consent is not required by law under these specific circumstances.

Except when personal information must be held as required by law, the Users may withdraw their consent for all or part of the collection, use and disclosure of their personal information at all times by giving us a reasonable prior notice. If the User prefers not to have their personal information collected, used or disclosed, or prefers not to have their personal information used to be contacted for marketing purposes, the User is invited to contact us. We will carry out the User directions as soon as possible, within contractual and legal limitations, but we may not be able to stop immediately some use of their information. The User acknowledges that the withdrawal of consent might prevent us from providing them some of our services.

How We Protect Personal Information

We use reasonable commercial methods to protect the integrity of our website and the confidentiality of the information that was collected by any means. We also limit access to visitors’ and users’ personal information that we gather to people who require such information for the above-mentioned purposes. We apply a policy against all unauthorized disclosure or use of personal information, and we train our staff in compliance with this Policy. Staff members who would violate this Policy are subject to disciplinary actions.

Data Retention

The User’s personal information could be hosted and/or retained by our suppliers or partners located outside the Province of Québec or outside Canada (e.g.: United States). In this case, our suppliers, our partners and we will observe this Policy at all times and will maintain equivalent safety measures that comply with the applicable legal requirements.

We will keep only the User’s personal information for a reasonable period of time and only for the intended purposes.

Links to Other Websites

The website may contain links to third party’s websites we are not associated with. Also, the User may have been directed to this website through a third-party website that is not hosted by us. We cannot be held accountable for these websites operations or for the information they gather about their visitors. If the User wants to know how another website collects and uses their personal information, the User is asked to refer to the confidential policy of the said website.

Policy Updates

Our company and the laws governing us may change from time to time; therefore, we reserve the right to change this Policy. In this case, we will post the updated version of this Policy online on this website.

Contact Us

If the User have questions or complaints about our personal information practices or that of our third party’s service providers; if the User wants their personal information withdrawn from our database; if the User wants their consent cancelled for the collection, use and disclosure of their personal information; if they wish to access or modify their personal information; or if they want to get removed from any marketing list, the User is asked to contact BMR Group Inc. Customer Service by email at [email protected], or by phone at 1-800-361-0885.

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